Use easy to read fonts and good contrast of colors. Most people, and especially those of my age don’t want to struggle to read your sign. Don’t use wispy letters or those with curly-cues that make it harder to read. Ever try to read sign or menu on a red background with thin black letters, frustrating isn’t it. Don’t be guilty. Make sure the letters are bold and the contrast strong.

Be brief. Think twitter is tough with only 140 characters? Vine videos are only six seconds long. The newest entry from Snapchat is Boomerang. These are one second videos of only 5 frames! 1 SECOND. Our attention span is getting ever shorter. Get the customers attention fast.

Tell the customer why they should buy your product and from you. Remember, reveal benefits over features. Customers care about their reasons to purchase, not yours.

Incorporate the words you and yours in the verbiage. It helps customers start to take ownership. It helps them see themselves using your product, “you’ll be warm tonight”, “you can be the neighborhood chef,” you get the idea.

View your sign as a customer would. Make sure it is legible from the distance you expect. Can it be seen from the street if that us the intention. Can it be read as someone drives by at street speed?

Have a little fun. Be creative but not offensive. Puns, double-entendres, and jokes can be effective but don’t go too far. Be sure you keep focus on the job at hand.

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