Profitable Products Consumers Love

Logs so realistic Mother Nature wants them back! Each log is hand finished after being cast from molds off real wood. Our burners are special too, producing beautiful dancing flames for ultimate realism.

Amantii offers the ultimate in luxury electric fireplaces. From compact inserts to impressive three sided linear models Amantii is the choice of discerning consumers.

For over forty years OMC has been building the best outdoor cookers. Today Broil King continues as a family owned business building award wining products right here in North America. See why experts agree for great barbecues every time…get a Broil King!

Flame-tec makes fire features easier than ever before. Proven electronics, premium components and cutting edge technology at popular prices. Our years of experience ensure you get what you need to deliver the wow factor consumers love!

Since 1959 Metal Fab has lead the venting industry through innovation and superior service. Wood, gas, oil or biomass; whatever fuel you choose Metal Fab is the right choice for venting. Fast and complete shipping.

The Outdoor Plus is America’s premier manufacturer of unique fire and water features for both commercial and residential use. If you can dream it we can build it. See why even our competitors buy from us.

Plancha Grills have been the popular way to cook outdoors in Europe for years. Now you can enjoy this quick, healthy and flavorful cooking style in your own backyard at a surprisingly affordable price.

iFlame designs controls that integrate customers smart devices with their fireplaces providing the ultimate in convenience. By operating appliances from smartphones and tablets, our clients use and enjoy them more.

Airlighters are the only fire lighters that combine a torch flame with an air-blower to both ignite and boost your fire. They ignite coals in 10-20 seconds, accelerate your fire to high heat in 1 minute or less, and have you ready to cook in only 5-6 minutes

Our premium lump charcoal is a pro quality blend of all natural apple, cherry and oak. It lights easily, burns hot and log with minimal ash. This charcoal has the best aroma of any charcoal we have tried.

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