Plancha Grills


Coroa l

Incredible performance from a compact and portable grill! Sized to accommodate 6-8 guests, the Coroa l delivers delicious results with whatever you choose to cook. Great for tailgating or camping as well as compact decks and patios.

Coroa ll

Dual stainless steel burners power this healthy, clean cooker. Sized to yield superb results for 9-12 diners, the Coroa ll features raised back and side panels making it easy for the chef to do stir fries or small items by keeping all the food on the cooking surface.

Rio ll

The Rio ll, like all Plancha Grills, heats fast and is so easy to clean it will become your go to cooking appliance for a busy lifestyle. Breakfast on the Rio is a real treat and the best darn burgers ever will have your family and friends begging for more. Built in wind shield/lid are standard as is a handy cover.

I will never cook on another grill in my life…..looking forward to selling this baby!

T.L., South Carolina

Think grill marks equal flavor, wait till you cook a steak on a plancha!

J.W., Georgia

I am quite simply amazed at the results from this grill. The grease drips away and the food stays juicy and tender.

V.H., Florida