Original Natural Charcoal


Lump Charcoal

Original Natural Charcoal’s flagship product is our special blend of apple, cherry and oak wood, resulting in the sweetest aroma and best flavor of any charcoal we have tested. It is fully carbonized so it lights easily with few sparks. ONC burns hot and leaves minimal ash. You won’t find better lump at any price.


Original Natural Charcoal briquettes may look like the supermarket variety but that is where the similarity ends. ONC is pure carbonized apple, cherry and oak! You won’t find any coal dust, or clay, or sodium nitrate, or borax or any of the other additives commonly included in lesser brands. If you demand the best, demand Original Natural Charcoal.

Charcoal Logs

What is a charcoal log? Well it is just about the best thing to happen to wood burning pizza ovens and large commercial type bbq pits. We take our all natural charcoal and grind it into fine pieces before forming it under intense heat and pressure into very dense octagonal logs approximately 12 inches long. Their consistent shape and long burn times make them perfect for keeping precise temperatures chefs demand. They are great in any charcoal or wood burning oven, grill or pit!

Best charcoal we have used! I don’t even need smoking chips any more.

D.L. North Carolina

I have burned a lot of charcoal in my life, and I have never used any I liked more than Original Natural!

J.K. Georgia

So glad we found these logs. It makes it easy to keep the temps just right in our pizza ovens!

C.P. Alabama