The smartest way to start a fire!

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Simple and elegantly styled, this one button remote remote is the ultimate in ease of use. Self learning electronics require no programing. LED confirms signal on transmitter and receiver.


Full featured fireplaces using this remote can now be controlled from your smart device. Added features plus ease of use makes this a popular upgrade for premium fireplaces.

Wall Mount

Wall mount controls are great, until you want to change a setting. Leave the wall unit alone and take control with your smart device. Now don't you feel smarter too?


Simple one button on/off control pairs with your smart device adding more convenience plus temperature control, voice control and more. Works with new and existing fireplaces.


Want an easier to use control for your fireplace? i-Flame makes you love your fireplace more with the upgraded interface and added smart features.

WiFi Hub

Want to control your appliance from a remote location? Want to operate your fireplace with Alexa or Google home voice? Our simple WiFi hub makes it all possible.

Smart Receiver

Many call this the "no remote, remote." With this smart receiver your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch becomes the transmitter eliminating the need for a seperate device.


Whether your remote is hand held or mounted in its case, you will likely never reach for it again when you have i-Flame. Easier to use and always at hand, you cell phone becomes the control


Smart control does not end when you step outside. This weather resistant power supply is contolled by smart device too. Perfect for fire pits or fire features.

Finally someone listened! Customers have been asking for this kind of control.

D.P., North Carolina

This is truly a game changer. Voice control is the best thing to happen to fireplaces in years.


Controlling the fire pit with my phone is awesome. Remotes get lost but you always have your phone.

B,C,. Florida