I have been asking our clients what is their number one challenge in business today. I must say I was surprised by the number of retailers who said hiring and keeping good people. I know from experience it is a challenge but was surprised it was the number one concern for many of you.

Let’s address hiring today, and work on retention in another post.
To hire good people you first have to attract a group of applicants to choose from. Where do you find them? Use these resources to get a good start.

Your network. Bob Beaudine in his book The Power of Who says you already know who you need. That doesn’t necessarily mean you already know your next employee, but you likely know the people who can introduce you to them. You must ask. Let your friends, family and associates know you are looking for good employees and let them spread the word. I know several people in our industry who are working for retailers they found through their network sometimes hundreds or more miles away.

Facebook. This is an extension of your network mentioned above. You might be surprised if you post on your personal and business page how many potentials you may reach.

Indeed. If you are over 30 and have not looked for a job in a while you might not be up to speed on this one, but your potential employees are. Jerry Isenhour of CVC Coaching and I were recently discussing this over dinner. Jerry asked our server (a pleasant young lady) how the job market was in the town we were in. She said “so-so” and added you could find a job if you really looked. Jerry then asked if she were to look for a new job where would she start. Immediately she said “Indeed, then maybe Craigslist.” Of the most popular online job banks, Indeed.com is second in monthly traffic to LinkedIn but at a much more palatable cost to the employer. If you need highly skilled or managerial talent LinkedIn may be the right choice, but I would certainly visit Indeed.com

Craigslist. Mentioned above but worth a repeat. Great for local listings.

job board2

On Your Website. Are you really looking for employees and not saying so on your own website? We find this to be the case more often than not. You got to tell people you are hiring.

Other. There is an almost endless list of resources to find applicants, including LinkedIn, Monster.com, Glassdoor.com, local newspaper, employment agencies, trade organizations, civic organizations, schools, and more.
We hope this helps you explore your options in finding good applicants which is of course the first step in hiring good employees. In future posts we will discuss interviewing, training and rewarding good staff.
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