What You Need to Know About HDPE Furniture

There are lots of different brands of HDPE furniture available in the market. Not all are created equal. Let's start with the material itself. HDPE stands for high density poly ethylene. As several manufacturers advertise most of the material is made from recycled milk jugs and containers. This makes most all brands very green product. [...]

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We are glad you are here! We hope this blog helps you, informs you, entertains you and is generally beneficial to you. Occasionally we will highlight a dealer, a company or a product, but it is not our intent for this to be too salesy. We invite you to comment and share things related to [...]

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Ken’s Ten

We have all heard the 80/20 rule and it seems to be pretty accurate. In our company we are a little more generous and work on a 90/10 rule. And on the latter we practice Ken’s Ten. I grew up in a small town and began selling men’s clothing at the ripe old age of [...]

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