Bison Airlighter

Light your fire!


Airlighter 520

The Airlighter 520 is the faster, cleaner, and safer way to light BBQs, campfires, wood fireplaces and just about any other fire. It is also a cooking tool for searing meat, or caramelizing sugars and more.

Airlighter 420

Airlighters are the only fire lighters that combine a torch flame with an air-blower to both ignite and boost your fire. They ignite coals in 10-20 seconds, accelerate your fire to high heat in 1 minute or less, and have you ready to cook in only 5-6 minutes. Enjoy cleaner tasting food and say goodbye to unwanted lighter fluid taste.

Starts my woodstove in seconds! I'll never be without one.


I was never good at lighting the kamado, now I am glad to grill and my husband loves it!

L.W., North Carolina

We sell one with every grill. It just makes our customers love their kamado even more.